Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations on how often an attorney can use a testifying expert witness?

There are no legal limitations, but there is a practical limitation. Every expert witness will be asked by the opposing attorney how many times they have been hired by the law firm for which they are testifying. If the number is high, the opposing attorney will attempt to convince the court that the expert is not objective and his or her testimony is unreliable. Therefore, it is recommended that a law firm not use the same expert more than twice.


I'm a plaintiff's attorney that could really use the services of a property management consultant. My client has an excellent case against his homeowner association but does not have the funds to pay a consultant. I am representing him or a contingency basis because its a good case and the defendant HOA has insurance. Is it possible for us to hire you but pay you when the case is settled?

Yes. If I was a testifying expert, this would not be possible, but since I would be working as a consultant, I can be paid as suggested.


Can I hire you to read and summarize depositions?

Absolutely. As a retired litigation attorney, I have extensive experience summarizing depositions in order to prepare for trial or other depositions.


Can I hire you to interview witnesses and summarize their reports?

Absolutely. As a retired litigation attorney, I am highly experienced in interviewing potential witnesses.


How long have you been providing litigation consulting services?

I have been providing consulting services in all areas of property management and real estate lending for more than 30 years.


Can I obtain a free consultation before making a commitment to hire you?



What do you charge for your time?

My fee is $200 per hour.


Is it possible to arrange payment terms?



Do you provide any other related services?

Yes. I provide mediation services. See for information.


Are you available to work on weekends or evenings?

Yes. I am completely flexible as long as I receive sufficient notice of your requirements.


Are you available to attend mediations?

Yes. I can often be helpful in settling cases.


I'm a new and relatively inexperienced plaintiff's attorney. Can you evaluate my case and assist me with a course of action?

Absolutely. While I no longer practice law, I have decades of experience that I can share with you.


Do you provide expert witness services where you are available to testify in court?

I no longer provide this service.


As a consulting expert, can you assist me in determining what written discovery to propound and what key questions to ask in a deposition?



As a consulting expert, can you help us challenge the other side's experts?



As a consulting expert, can you help us develop counter claims and defenses?



What are your normal business hours?

The office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to Noon and from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm.


Are you available on weekends or evenings if our firm needs your services?

Absolutely. If you are utilizing my services, you will be provided my cell phone number. I will be available as needed.


 Do you have a standard consulting agreement?

 Yes. See: Consulting Agreement